The War For The Union - The American Civil War 1861-65 - Clash of Arms Games

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This strategic level game of the American Civil War covers the full range of features characteristic of that conflict.

A Basic Game and Scenario Is included to provide an excellent Introduction to the game system. The Advanced Game has 4 larger scenarios playable in an evening and a Grand Campaign Scenario covering the entire war. The single 22x34" map stretches from the Eastern seacoast to St. Joseph, Missouri.

Special rules cover the border states, economics, aggressive leaders, forts and sieges, mobilizing state militias, hidden movement and cavalry reconnaissance, "touchy" generals, poor weather, the splitting of the Confederacy, naval Invasions, and many other Important aspects of the war. Includes basic and advanced rules; historical commentary and scenarios book; map; 600 colorful die-cut counters; 4 gamecards with charts and tables; and dice.

This used copy is in Very Good condition. It has been punched but contents have been checked and are complete. The cover is very lightly scuffed from storage. As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.