The War Library Games!

.Photos of games we have played in plus some really impressive games we have seen in our travels.

Practicing our Sharps!

El Guapo springs an ambush!

El Guapo springs an ambush

Imaginary lances

The Spanish charge home only to discover that they don't have lances! What you see is not what you get!

John's 1st Sharp Practice with his own 28mm Napoleonics 

John's 1st Sharp Practice with his own 28mm Napoleonics

Trying Out some 54mm gaming using All The Kings Men

15mm Battlegroup


20mm Battlegroup

Bolt Action with Early War French

General d'Armee in 28mm

Our Sharp Practice games are getting better!

A test game of Frostgrave when it was 1st released. We love it!

Stalingrad in 28mm

28mm Gebirgsjagers sneak through the ruins


A trial game of To the Strongest in 15mm. Before the elephants ran away!

The Carthaginian flank crumbles in To the Strongest.


The Greeks menace the Trojans

Run 'em down with the chariots my Trojan heroes!

Greek wannabes