About The War Library - Australia's Miniature and Wargame Bring and Buy

The War Library are Australia's 24/7 miniatures and wargames Bring and Buy. Selling new and used miniatures and rules from Perry, Victrix, Warlord Games, Gripping Beast, Games Workshop and many more. Boardgames, sprues and bits too.

Run by a couple of friends who have gamed, read and argued over military history for years, our libraries and project rooms grew so large that it was time to move a few bits along. Doing this, we found that other gamers needed help clearing their (or family members’) stash and we started selling on consignment too. 

We often have hard to find, out of production items for sale as well as a great selection of new miniatures sprues and sets. We have more than thirty years experience working in the hobby in Australia and internationally and want to share our knowledge and contacts.

Our passion is historical miniature gaming but we can be distracted by good fantasy and sci-fi too! 

Check out our ever-growing range.