Bolt Action British Commonwealth Desert Infantry - 1 Sprue - 6 Miniatures

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This is one sprue of 6 figures of Bolt Action British Commonwealth miniatures, including Aussies, Kiwis and South African, from Warlord Games. You can build a variety of figures with this sprue, there are 24 heads to choose from (6 ea of SA sun helmets, Aussie slouch hats, 2 NZ hats, 2 berets and 8 with caps and improvised headwear), lots of weapons such as rifles, sub machine guns, Bren guns, an ATR, a Webley revolver and a mortar. We will also include 6 bases (one pill, 5 round). Great for Bolt Action, Chain of Command or any other WWII game played in 28mm.


In hard plastic.