Warhammer Ancient Battles: The Art of War - Games Workshop - Softcover - Very Good

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The Art of War: The Chinese approach to warfare 2205 BCE – 280 CE is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles.

China has the longest continuous civilization in history and was finally unified by the First Emperor in 221 BCE. The Warring States period was over, and Qin victorious! Yet only 16 years later, the Qin Dynasty was in turmoil, the Emperor dead and all that would remain of his legacy would be the silent warriors of Xian- the Terracotta army.

This source book contains an historical overview that covers the principle military events and developments of Chinese culture from small bands of tribal warriors right up to the mighty Imperial armies that dominated Asia.

Featured within this book are detailed army lists including:

  • Shang Dynasty
  • Zhou Dynasty
  • Warring States
  • Eastern Steppe Nomads
  • Han Dynasty
  • Red Eyebrow Rebels
  • Yellow Scarves Religious Cultists
  • Three Kingdoms

Using these army lists and variants within them you can create over 34 different varieties of armies from early Chinese history!

Other resources included are scenarios, battles, a campaign system and Ruses for use in your games, as well as advice for modelling Chinese armies and terrain in full colour.

The Art of War also contains a full colour section portraying the armies of the time and a wealth of illustrations and maps.

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