US Infantry 12mm - 1/144 one sprue 46 figures Victrix

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This 12mm /1:144th scale WW2 infantry sprue contains 47 superbly detailed miniatures. 
The sprue contains riflemen, light machine guns, mortars, NCO's, radio operators, officers, sergeants and ammo carriers. They are one-piece castings as much as possible but some weapons such as Mortars and heavy Machine guns come in easy assemble multiple parts.

Set includes:
2 X 30 Cal Teams
1 X Snipers
2 X Officers
1 X Radio Teams
3 X Ammo Carriers
5 X NCO's
1 X Mortar Teams
2 X Bazooka Teams
20 X Rifleman

These new sculpts from Victrix are excellent. The dollar coin in the photo is just for scale