The Theory and Practice of War - Essays presented to B.H. Liddell Hart on his Seventieth birthday - Michael Howard - hardback

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Table of Contents
Howard, M. Jomini and the classical tradition in military thought.
Paret, P. Clausewitz and the nineteenth century.
Craig, G. A. Command and staff problems in the Austrian Army, 1740-1866.
Luvaas, J. European military thought and doctrine, 1870-1914.
Bond, B. Doctrine and training in the British cavalry, 1870-1914.
Beaufre, A. Liddell Hart and the French Army, 1919-1939.
O'Neill, R. J. Doctrine and training in the German Army, 1919-1939.
Pile, F. Liddell Hart and the British Army, 1919-1939.
Gibbs, N. British strategic doctrine, 1918-1939.
Matloff, M. The American approach to war, 1919-1945.
Mackintosh, J. M. The development of Soviet military doctrine since 1918.
Kissinger, H. A. American strategic doctrine and diplomacy.
Buchan, A. Problems of an alliance policy.
Jones, A. G. Training and doctrine in the British Army since 1945.
Allon, Y. The making of Israel's Army.
Liddell Hart biographical summary.

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