The Hobbit - Mithril - 32mm - MB236 - In Shrinkwrap

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Gandalf lead a expedition of Dwarves and Frodo the Hobbit on an exciting and dangerous adventure to the Lonely Mountain to defeat the mighty dragon, Smaug. On the way to the mountain they encountered Goblins and Mirkwood Elves and had to escape intact in both circumstances. When Smaug was disturbed by Bilbo's theft, Smaug flew to Laketown to burn it down and Bard managed to slay the dragon with an arrow through the one vulnerable spot in its armour. Afterwards there was a huge battle between five different factions for control of the mountain and the dragon's horde.

This boxed set includes:

  • Bilbo Baggins (MC1)
  • Thorin Oakenshield (MC3)
  • Gollum (MC1)
  • Master Elrond (MC4)
  • Gandalf the wizard (MC2)
  • Beorn (MC7)
  • The Elven-King (MC8)
  • The Great Goblin (MC5)
  • Bard of Laketown (MC9)

        Condition Excellent/As New - still sealed in the original shrinkwrap.