Swords and Scimitars - Field of Glory The Crusades Army Lists

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The fourth army supplement for the Field of Glory miniatures wargame. This supplement covers the epic conflict between the Christian west and Islamic east. There are eighteen separate lists, each with a sample starter army and point cost chart for making your own force.
The book is 64 pages printed in full color with photos of miniatures and paintings from various other Osprey books used throughout.

Armies included:
- Komnenan Byzantine
- Post Latin Conquest Byzantine
- Seljuq Turk
- Cuman
- Georgian
- Fatimid Egyptian
- Sicilian
- Cilician Armenian
- Syrian
- Early Crusader
- Later Crusader
- Ayyubid Egyptian
- Lusignan Cypriot
- Romanian Frank
- Catalan Company
- Ilkhanid Mongol
- Mamluk Egyptian
- (Later Alan)

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