Stargrave Mercenaries II (Females) single sprue - 5 figures

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This sprue offers enough parts to build 5 well-equipped female characters for Stargrave, ideal for use in independent crews or as members of the pirate fleets hunting them down. While this sprue includes a range of weaponry and a mix of alien and human heads, even more variety can be achieved by mixing in components from other female Stargrave boxed sets.

Stargrave is the new sci-fi adventure miniatures game from the author of Frostgrave. In Stargrave, players take on the role of one of these independent operators in a Galaxy torn apart by the Last War, choosing from a range of backgrounds each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and associated powers. Next, players must hire a crew for their ship, recruiting a lieutenant with a unique skill-set and a handful of soldiers, mechanics, hackers, and other specialists. Some captains may even recruit strange alien lifeforms with abilities no humanoid could ever possess.


Perfect for building character models for Stargrave, Rogue Stars, Star Wars Legion even Astra Militarum for Warhammer 40K or other roleplaying and tabletop games.