Stalin's Onslaught - FW207 - Flames of War 2nd edition

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Welcome back to the Ostfront! With Stalin’s Onslaught, we return to the bitter fighting on the Eastern Front and follow the course of the largest operation during World War II—Operation Bagration. During the weeks leading up to the operation, the Red Army has amassed a massive army. However, the Germans have not been idle—they have spent months preparing for the attack. It is here that we meet the forces of the Soviet Union and Germany in Stalin’s Onslaught.
The Soviet war machine is well prepared to assault the German lines. In Stalin’s Onslaught, you can command the prisoners of the fearless 8th Independent Penal Battalion as they test the German defences, or be the cutting edge of Operation Bagration with your regiment of IS-2 heavy tanks! Then, follow up your breakthrough with an assault group from the elite 8th Guards Rifle Corps, specially designed to smash the German fortified line.
On the other side of the line is the German 78. Sturmdivision. Each soldier is a seasoned veteran of the Battle of Kursk and they know their enemy well. They are well supplied and armed to the teeth with 7.5cm PaK40 anti-tank guns, Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck anti-tank launchers. A StuG assault gun battery accompanies your Sturm grenadiers with its tank riders armed with assault rifles!

This is a sourcebook for Flames of War Second edition, not the current 4th. It is still very useful as a general resource and painting guide or to fill your collection.

This copy is in Excellent condition with only minor shelfwear. The book shown is the one you will receive.