Square Bashing 1914-1918 - Rules for Divisional Level Games - 1997 edition

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Square Bashing 1914-1918 is a very different concept from most miniatures rules, which makes it almost a hybrid between miniatures and boardgames. The playing surface (usually 6'x4') is subdivided into 12" squares. Each square is designated as open (minimal movement impediment) or closed (serious impediment). Players build up their forces in a square and assault adjacent squares in an attempt to capture them

Because figures simply occupy a square, there is no need for strict basing sizes. In fact, unlike most miniatures games, there is no adverse effect for having a variety of basing sizes.

Spiral bound with laminated covers.

This copy is EXCELLENT a couple of minor dents on some pages. The book shown is the actual one you will receive, not a stock shot.