Soviet SU-85 or SU-100 sprue - 1 vehicle - Flames of War FOW

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This sprue can be used to build an SU-100 Assault Gun or SU-85M or SU-85.

The SU-100 self-propelled gun was the successor to the SU-85. It was based on a similar, but not identical, chassis mounting a 100mm D-10S gun. This excellent gun could penetrate 162mm of armour at 500 meters and 150mm at 1000 meters range.

Made by Battlefront/GF9 for Flames of War but of course useable in any 15mm-1/100 scale game. In hard plastic it will require assembly using plastic cement.

You will receive a sprue in dark green, olive green or grey plastic depending on what we have in stock.