Shieldwall - Warhammer Ancient Battles supplement - Games Workshop - Softcover - Very Good

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Shieldwall - Warfare in the Viking Age, 790 to 1085 AD, is a 96-page sourcebook for Warhammer Ancient Battles. It contains a historical background and chronology outlining the important events as well as 28 detailed regional army lists for the Viking Age including:
Armies of the Norsemen
Including the Viking armies of the Danish, Norwegians and Hiberno Norse.
Armies of the English
Including the Saxon armies of Wessex, Mercia, and Anglia.
Armies of the Caledonians
Including the Scots and the Picts.
Armies of the Welsh
Including Gwynedd and Powys.
Armies of the Irish
Including Munster, Leinster and Ulster.
Armies of the Western Franks
Including the armies of the Carolingian French and Duchy of Normandy.

Hire mercenaries from the Dogs of War list to compliment your army
Including the Gall Gaedhil - the Sons of Death and mercenary Sergeants from Italy or Northern Spain.

Shieldwall also contains a set of new scenarios and a narrative campaign system to re-fight the warfare typical of the Viking Age, as well as detailed notes on wargaming tactics, and collecting and painting the armies of the Viking Age.

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