Rubicon US M26 Pershing/M45 (T26E2) kit 1/56

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The M26 Pershing was a heavy tank / medium tank of the United States Army. The tank was named after General John J Pershing, who led the American Expeditionary Force in Europe in World War I. It was used in the last months of World War II during the Invasion of Germany and extensively during the Korean War.

The M26A1 came into production after the war and most Pershing in service were upgraded to this standard. It replaced the 90mm M3 with the new M3A1 gun, characterized by a more efficient bore evacuator and single-baffle muzzle brake. A total of 1,190 M26A1s were produced and modified and saw action in Korea.

The T26E2 was a close support variant of the M26 with a 105mm howitzer (74 rounds), and eventually standardized for use as the Medium Tank M45, 185 units were build. A total of 2,212 units of all M26 variants were produced between November 1944 and October 1945.


Product Highlights:
- Choice to build as an M26, M26A1, or T26E4 with 90mm gun
- Also can be built as an M45 105mm howitzer medium tank
- Choice of either T81 or T80E1 track links
- Gun mantlet with or without canvas cover
- All hatches can be open or closed
- Tank commander for both WW2 and Korean War included