Rubicon German Steyr 1500/A01 Light Truck kit 1/56

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A Light Truck/Troop transport used by German forces from 1941 to the war's end. There were two main variants of the 1500A, the first being the 1500A/01, which was a troop carrier with bench seats fitting to the load bed. This was ideal for transporting squads of troops (eight passengers). The second variant was the command car version, designated the Kommandeurwagen Kfz 21 which could carry six. It featured a radio transmitter, luxury interior and a fold-out roof.  The 1500A had no armor protection or armament, making it a non-combat vehicle.


Product Highlights:
- Two build choices for the 1500A/01
- Multi-slide mould engine hood & grille
- Optional MG34 with gun mount
- Doors can be open or closed
- With or without tarpaulin top
- Option to build a field-modified FLAK 38 auf Fahrgestell Steyr 1500A/01
- Driver figure included