Republican Roman Legionaries w Pectoral Armour (6) + Velites (2) Sprue 8 figures Victrix

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A superb of 6 highly detailed Republican Roman legionaries wearing pectoral armour plus 2 light infantry skirmishers (velites). Also included are a myriad of additional parts which allows you hundreds of options when building your own army.

These figure represent Roman legionaries and light infantry, or Velites, of the early Republic. They are suitable for wars with Pyrrhos of Epeiros, the 1st and 2nd Punic Wars against Carthage and the Macedonian Wars against King Phillip V and King Persus. They can also fight Gauls, Spanish, Numidians, Italians and Seleucids.


Please note that we have included an image of the assembly sheet in the photos.