Polemos English Civil War - Baccus 6mm

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A publication from Baccus 6mm, primarily aimed at 6mm miniature gaming.

During the middle years of the seventeenth century, the British Isles underwent a period of huge change, catastrophic wars and campaigns, political revolution, social upheaval political experimentation and religious ferment. It was a period when the famous and the infamous made their entries into the history books leaving their legacy and their legends. Names such as Ralph Hopton, William Waller, Prince Rupert, Thomas Fairfax, the Earl of Essex, the Earl of Newcastle, Owen Roe O’Neill, The Earl of Montrose and Duke of Argyll can still evoke fierce loyalties and harsh criticism even today. The characters of those chief protagonists, King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, are still considered, analysed and argued over by successive generations of historians.

There is little surprise therefore that the English Civil War has always been a firm favourite for wargamers.

Polemos: English Civil War is unashamedly aimed at large scale actions. It is quite possible to stage, play and complete actions the size of Edgehill, Marston Moor and Naseby in an evening.

This is a wire comb bound volume with laminated playsheets.

This copy is in Excellent condition. As always the book pictured is the one you will receive.