City Map Folio - Pathfinder Chronicles - shrinkwrapped

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A necessity of all civilized societies, cities are the pride of any nation and the mark of an empire’s power. By a city’s size and prosperity can the traveler note a kingdom’s health and power, by the architecture of its buildings its culture and arts, and by the words and actions of its citizens the strength of its spirit. No two cities are exactly alike, and in a world as diverse as Golarion, these differences are nowhere more apparent than in the city’s shape and the layout of its streets. This map folio presents six such cities, each in the format of a large, full-color 17" x 22" poster map. And while details on these cities are presented in Pathfinder Chronicles: Cities of Golarion, these maps can serve as beautiful additions to any fantasy roleplaying game.

Maps of the following cities are included in this folio:
Cassomir: The most significant port of the eastern Inner Sea region
Corentyn: A city perched on the edge of two seas and at the heart of every major trade route
Ilizmagorti: A tropical city of pirates and criminals ruled by the Red Mantis assassins
Nisroch: A stark place of shadows and cruelty where every citizen lives in fear
Vigil: A city-fortress and bastion against the ravening orc hordes of Belkzen
Whitethrone: A frozen metropolis of monsters founded by the witch queen Baba Yaga
Cartography by Robert Lazzaretti