Pallas Armata Reprints - 4 small volumes of 17th century pamphlets - Pallas Armata

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Pallas Armata was a small publisher of reprints of early "pamphlets" - newsletters or booklets from the 17th century. They are basically small photocopied booklets but very interesting.

  • October 30 1622 "A Continuation of the Weekly Newes from Bohemia, Austria, the Palatinate, Italy, Spaine, France, the Low-Countries and the East-Indies".
  • A True and Historicall Relation of the Bloody Batell of Nieuport in Flanders
  • The Military Portion of the Works of Francisco Di Giorgio Martini
  • The Great and Famous Battel of Lutzen

These small volumes are in used but in Excellent condition but with rust on the staples. See photos, this is the actual book you will receive, not a stock shot.