Numidian Cavalry Sprue - 3 figures - Victrix

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Riding small horses Numidian Cavalry were experts fast movement over long distances. They rode without saddles or bridles, controlling their mounts with a simple rope around their horse's neck and a small riding stick. They had no form of bodily protection except for a round leather shield or a cloak, and their main weapons were javelins in addition to a short sword.

Due to their expert horsemanship and agility, as well as their lack of armor or heavy weaponry, they were most suitable for harassing tactics, charging in loose formation and lobbing their javelins before wheeling off to escape the enemy's counterattack. This harassing tactic, while rarely decisive, could be extremely frustrating to a less mobile enemy, as experienced by Julius Caesar's soldiers during the latter's invasion of Africa.

This sprue allows you to build three Numidian cavalry, one of which may be a musician.


An ideal way to start a Saga force or bulk out an army for WAB or Hail Caesar, Infamy, Infamy or Clash of Spears. Please note that we have included an image of the assembly sheet in the photos.