Japanese Type 1 75mm Self Propelled Gun kit - 1/35 - Tamiya 35095

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The Type 1 was the first indigenous Japanese self-propelled gun. It was based upon the Type 97 medium tank chassis with its own open-top fighting compartment and an updated version of the 7.5cm Type 90 field gun. 138 were produced in all; some are said to have been sent to the Philippines to back up the desperate Japanese struggle there against oncoming U.S. forces.
This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
Features a realistic depiction of the open-top fighting compartment interior.
A detailed depiction of the 75mm gun includes renderings of the recuperator, and offers elevation and traverse after assembly is complete.
Other areas of interest will be the finely riveted armor and unique suspension setup.
Comes with two figures in action pose, and four marking options

This kit is in Excellent condition (parts still sealed in bags) although the box is a little dirty from storage. As always, the kit shown is the one you will receive.