Iberian Unarmoured Warriors Sprue - 6 figures - Victrix

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The Ancient Iberians were one of Rome's most formidable foes during the republics expansion into the Iberian Peninsular. Furthermore the Iberians were also in the pay of Carthage as one of the North African kingdom's most effective allies. They can be built as Scutarii, heavier unarmoured infantry armed javelins, throwing weapons and swords, protected by the large scutum shield. You could also build Caetratii, carrying a smaller round shield and javelin but also a sword for close in fighting.

This sprue of 6 unarmoured warriors are armed with sword, daggers, javelins and pilums. They are also equipped with an assortment of oval, scutum and round shields. They also feature ornate belt, buckle, breast plate, sword hilt, helmet and crest detail allowing gamers to field a colourful and vibrant army.


An ideal way to start a Saga force or bulk out an army for WAB or Hail Caesar, Infamy, Infamy or Clash of Spears. Please note that we have included an image of the assembly sheet in the photos.