Horse Archers Scythian or Parthian Cavalry Sprue - 3 figures - Victrix

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This sprue makes 3 Horse Archers. It can be used for Scythians and Parthians and could also be used as Sarmatian horsemen. These are all armies in their own right but also fought as allies of Persians, Greeks and Macedonians.

You get enough parts to make 3 riders. There are separate torsos and legs so you can pick and choose which torsos you want to use. Also included is a female warrior torso with head variants for those who want to field some Scythian female warriors but this is an optional piece.

This set is full of movement and action with the horse archers depicted charging and firing all around including the famous Parthian shot.

Please note - due to the way these have been cast you will recieve a cut sprue of three horses to match the full sprue of three riders.


 In 28mm scale, they are an ideal way to start a Saga force or bulk out a Roman army for WAB or Hail Caesar, Infamy, Infamy or Clash of Spears.