Hammer and Sickle - FW209 - Flames of War 2nd edition

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Hammer and Sickle follows Stalin’s Onslaught and focuses on the Soviet units carrying out the second phase of Operation Bagration, the exploitation of the Shock Armies’ breakthrough of the German defences. These highly mobile corps launched through gaps created in the Germans lines and immediately rushed deep into German held territory heading directly for Minsk and its lines of supply.

Highlighting the northern and southern spearheads (the Hammer and Sickle) and their associated corps brings some interesting tank and equipment options.

What Soviet forces are inside?

Hammer and Sickle concentrates on the mobile exploitation forces of the Mechanised and Tank Corps that raced through the front line and smashed into the hastily assembled German blocking forces holding key objectives in the rear areas.

This is a sourcebook for Flames of War Second edition, not the current 4th. It is still very useful as a general resource and painting guide or to fill your collection.

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