German Tiger I Late Production kit - 1/35 - Dragon 6406

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DRAGON 1/35 Tiger I Late Production (3 in 1) Plastic Model Kit
Tiger I Late Production (3 in 1)
1) Tiger I Late Production
2) Tiger I Final Production
3) Tiger I Late Production (Command Version)

At the time of its introduction in August 1942, the Tiger I was the most potent and heavily armored tank in the world. Weighing 57 tonnes and armed with a mighty 8.8cm main gun, it was a dangerous predator on any battlefield. During the course of its life, various modifications and improvements were made to various components. The Late Production version, for example, was characterized by having steel road wheels instead of rubber-rimmed wheels of earlier vehicles.

This kit is in Excellent condition. The box has been opened and has a bit of wear from storage but all contents are still sealed in the original bags.