German Pz Kpfw IIC mit Zusatzpanzer kit - 1/35 - Dragon 6432

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The Ausf. C version became the standard production model from June 1938 through April 1940. A total of 1,113 examples of Ausf. c, A, B, and C tanks were built from March 1937 through April 1940 by Alkett, FAMO, Daimler-Benz, Henschel, MAN, MIAG, and Wegmann. These models were almost identical and were used in service interchangeably. This was the most widespread tank version of the Panzer II and performed the majority of the tank's service the panzer units during the war. Zusatzpanzer means uparmored, or the addition of appliqué armor to reduce the tank's vulnerability to incoming fire.

This kit is in Excellent condition. The box has been opened and has a bit of wear from storage but all contents are still sealed in the original bags.