Gaslands Refuelled - Implements of Carnage II sprue

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The first Implements of Carnage was so useful that North Star made a 2nd one. This plastic frame contains parts to build a buggy, a bike (rider/driver included of course) plus scenery or customising bits. Take your Gaslands Refuelled game to the next level. This Implements of Carnage II sprue includes:

1 x Buggy with driver and gunner.
1 x Dirt Bike
1 x Remote Controlled Car
1 x Swinging arm with either demolition ball or grappling claw.
4 x Oil Drums
5 x Petrol Cans
2 x Gas Cylinders

    Implements of Carnage are scaled for Hotwheels/ Matchbox style vehicles. Supplied unpainted. We have included a copy of the easy build instructions in the photos.