Gallic Armoured Warriors Sprue - 4 figures - Victrix

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Don't believe everything that Caesar tells you. The Gauls were fearsome opponents, with big strong fierce warriors with a tradition of warfare. However, they were perhaps too entusiastic and therefore undisciplined in combat.

Fond of clothing with bold patterns and bright colours they decorated their shields with enthusiastic art and wore well made jewelry. Swords, scabbards and spears were well crafted.

This is a sprue of four armoured figures with spears, javelins and swords for all and the choice of 12 different heads. Six different shields to choose from too. In hard plastic, they are 28mm scale and really nicely sculpted.


An ideal way to start a Saga force or bulk out an army for WAB or Hail Caesar, Infamy, Infamy or Clash of Spears. Please note that we have included an image of the assembly sheet in the photos.