French Napoleonic Chasseur a Cheval of the Guard Command Sprue - Victrix

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Three charging French Chasseurs a cheval of the Imperial Guard Command, from one of Napoleons Elite light cavalry Regiments.
They initially started as the Consular guard in 1800 and retained more or less the same uniform from 1800 to 1815, the main difference being the sabretache design and flag.

The sprue depicts the Chasseurs a Cheval in the striking full dress uniform. The detail of the lace work and Pelisse is superb and will take the paint and washes easily. Even though Guidons were not carried often in the field Victrix have included a flag pole arm and some extra flag poles for those who wish to use them on the French Dragoons and Polish lancers sets too.


Just the ticket for building a Black Powder unit or a Sharp Practice force. Supplied unpainted, they will require simple assembly with a plastic cement.