Chariots of the Damned - Airborne Rescues from Vietnam to Kosovo - McKinney & Ryan - paperback

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Chariots of the Damned provides some fascinating insights into previously little-explored helicopter operations, ranging from the end of the Vietnam War to recent rescue operations in Kosovo.
Mike McKinney is one of the first US Special Forces pilots ever to have written such accounts whilst still a serving officer. His firsthand knowledge of operations in the Gulf and the Balkans is clearly evident in this excellent book.

Chapters include:
1. Disaster at Koh Tang Island (Vietnam)
2. The Son Tay Raid (Vietnam)
3. Desert 1: The Iranian Hostage Rescue Op
4. SOG operations in Panama & Grenada
5. Gulf War rescue missions
6. Hawks down: the Somalia catastrophe
7. SOG in the Balkans

In Very Good condition, with minor spine creases and yellowing of the pages. As always, the book shown in our photos is the one you will receive.