Byzantine Koursores Armoured Light Cavalry - 6 plastic figures - Fireforge

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The Light Cavalry of The Byzantine Empire were known as The Koursores. They were fast and agile Fighters, somewhat similar to their heavier "Cousins" in The Heavy Cavalry, The Cataphracts. Active from the 14th thru 15th Centuries, The Koursores were "Shock Troops". Their main goal was to harass, and exploit an Enemies weakness. Koursores did not fully Armor their Warhorses. This was important for speed and agility. Personal Armor was minimized to various Chain Mails and Lamellars. Traditional Plating was used on arms and legs. The principle weapon of The Koursores was The Lance Spear known as The Kontarion. These weapons ranged from 8 to 12-feet long. The Sword was a secondary weapon to The Spear. In addition, most Koursores were adept Archers with this additional skill would create highly effective Horse Archers as well.

Six hard plastic figures, supplied unpainted and require a little assembly.

Excellent/As New condition.