British Light Utility Car 10HP - 1/35 - Tamiya 35308

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The Light Utility Car, popularly known as the Tilly, was a light British military transport car from the Second World War. Tilly was a car that was created from a combination of two basic elements. The body of this car was constructed by Austin and was created as a result of a combination of a two-person passenger compartment with - most often - a cargo space covered with a tarpaulin. This body, in turn, was built on various types of car chassis. However, these were always the chassis of passenger cars, already produced on a relatively large scale, e.g. Austin 10 GRQ, Hillman Minx or Standard Flying 14. Placing Tilly on a given chassis also meant giving a different name, e.g. Austin 8 HP, Austin 10 HP or Morris 10 HP. Cars of this type, although cheap and simple to build, turned out to be very useful and remained in service in the 1950s. They were also used by the armed forces of Denmark and Portugal.

    This kit is in Excellent condition (parts still sealed in bags). The box is a bit dirty from storage. As always, the item shown in the photos is the one you will receive.