British Household Brigade Cavalry sprue - 2 miniatures - Warlord Games

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This sprue will allow you to make a 2 cavalrymen of the Horse Guards or either of the Lifeguards regiments.

The 1st Cavalry Brigade – also known as the ‘Household Cavalry’ – was arguably Britain’s finest unit of cavalry. Impatient due to seeing little action in the Peninsular war and tired of parades, the Household Brigade was only too pleased to be on the field at Waterloo to show what these gentlemen could do. There were four units in the division, the red-jacketed 1st and 2nd Lifeguards, the Horse guards (their blue tunics giving them their nickname, ‘the blues’) and four squadrons of the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards.

One plastic sprue to build 2 plastic miniatures.

    Excellent condition