Bolt Action Italian Army or Blackshirts - 1 Sprue - 6 Plastic Miniatures

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At long last, WWII Italians in plastic! Four figures are clad in M37 or M40 tunics and two in the Camiciotto Sahariana pullover smock for added variety. Weapons include the M91/41 rifle, M91/38 Carcano Cavalry Carbine, M38A Beretta SMG, M38 Carcano carbine, M1934, 9mm Beretta pistol and Breda M30 LMG.
A wide variety of headgear for the Italian Army and Blackshirts are included – M33 steel helmets, Bustina cap, M1935 pith helmet, Blackshirt soft fez & Blackshirt hard fez. Not only that but the sprue contains masses of optional extras such as two types of gas mask bags, goggles, bayonets, combat knives, etc! We will also include 6 bases.

In hard plastic.