Battles For Wargamers - The Peninsular War : 1813 - Terence Wise

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Part of the Bellona series from the 1970s. The aim of this series is neither to compete with more academic studies of military history nor with books which deal with how to play wargames, but simply to supply wargamers with concise, basic facts about sets of battles within one theatre or campaign, thus providing him or her with the raw material from which to reconstruct battles from history.

They are not rules but an overview and introduction to a specific period or campaign. Several less well known battles in the Peninsula in 1813 are covered with a simple map, a photograph and a forces list. The historical battle is described as are some basic uniform details etc. A great basis for a series of Napoleonic Games or a campaign.

These books are now quite hard to find and wargamers tend to hang on to their copies!

 This copy is in Good/Very Good condition although the cover is quite scuffed/worn. Internally it is Very Good with only minor age marks. See photos, this is the actual book you will receive, not a stock shot.