Arms and Equipment Guide - Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition - Hardcover - Very Good

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Heroes need to be prepared for anything, which means having the right weapons and gear on hand at all times. The well-stocked pages of this book hold an impressive inventory of merchandise to get you into and out of all manner of trouble, including:

  • A caravan-load of equipment, trade goods, alchemical items, poisons, mounts, and vehicles.
  • Over 230 magic weapons and armors, such as the flameshroud axe, lance of the unending charge, and vampire hunter armor.
  • Over 125 magic items, including new artifacts, such as elixir armor, rings of the hive mind, the ghost rod, and the bag of endless caltrops.
  • Rules for vehicle combat on land, sea, and air.

Within these pages, players and Dungeon Masters will find what they need to outfit their characters for nearly every contingency.

To use this accessory, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide. A player needs only the Player’s Handbook.

    This copy is in Very Good condition. It shows some minor shelf wear. As always, you will receive the item shown in our photos.