Ancient History Magazine Issue 2

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Though Caracalla was largely remembered as a murderous tyrant, there was more to this troubled emperor than first meets the eye.

Theme: The reign of Caracalla

Editors, “Historical Introduction”
Sidney Dean, “Peace in his time. Caracalla in Britain”
Jona Lendering, “Unperson. Geta’s damnatio memoriae”
Murray Dahm, “The Constitutio Antoniniana”
Christian Koepfer, “Looking for a cure. Caracalla and Apollo Grannus”
Oliver Hoover, “Caracalla and the Advice of Septimius Severus as Reflected in the Coinage”
Paul van der Heijden, “A face for Caracalla”
Sadi Maréchal, “The Baths of Caracalla”
Inge Mennen, “The love of Julia Domna”

Alexander Smarius, “The Scillitan Martyrs”
Kees Alders, “Philosophical buffoons: the Cynics”
Diana Kretschmann, “An immigrant”
Mark DeSantis, “The Uluburun Ship”
Piet Gerbrandy, review of Watts, The final pagan generation
Casper Porton, How do they know? Pronouncing Latin

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