A Raging Storm - The Gamers

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The game is set around the British 1st Infantry Division's defense of the Campoleone Salient, Anzio, 3-4 February 1944. "The German counterattacks against the Anzio beachhead were some of the bloodiest of World War II. To those involved, the fighting was reminiscent to WWI trench warfare. A Raging Storm covers the first of several German attacks. The brunt of this assault fell on the British 1st Infantry Division, whose defense demonstrated the tenacity and fighting qualities of the British Soldier." - From the introduction

Game Scale:
Turn: 20 minutes
Hex: 125 yards / 114 meters
Units: Infantry platoons, individual vehicles

Game Inventory:
Two 22 x 34" full-color mapsheets
Four dual-side printed countersheets (3 combat, 1 markers - 980 1/2" counters)
One 28-page TCS version 3.1 system rulebook
One 24-page A Raging Storm game specific rulebook
Two 4-page TCS version 3.1 Charts & Tables folders
Three Player Aid cards
Two 6-sided dice

Solitaire Playability: Medium
Complexity Level: High
Players: 1 or more
Playing Time: 6-20 hours

A Raging Storm - The Campoleone Salient, February 3-4, 1944, is the eleventh game in the Tactical Combat Series (TCS) from The Gamers.


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