Wood Elves Army Book - Warhammer - WH Fantasy Battle 4th edition - DETACHED COVER

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Please Note - the book has become detached from the cover. Overall the condition is Fair and this would make a great play copy. The cover has been protected with self-adhesive plastic.

Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves (4th Edition) is an out of print army book for Warhammer Fantasy. It includes some minor differences in rules and units from the current edition, as well as a much longer list of unique characters.
The Wood Elves
Brief history of Wood Elf society

The Realm of Athel Loren
Descriptions of locations and regions in Athel Loren

The History of Athel Loren
Detailed narrative history of the Wood Elves

A collection of 'Eavy Metal colour showcase pages and two colour maps interrupt this section
Chronicles of the Wood Elves
Chronological history of events

Wood Elf Bestiary
Wood Elves
Glade Riders
Elven Steed
Great Eagles
Forest Dragon
Wood Elf Tactics
Description of strategies for the tabletop

The Wood Elf Army List
Full army list of Characters, Regiments, and Monsters

Special Characters
Orion, King in the Woods
Ariel, Mage Queen of Loren
Naieth the Prophetess
Lothlann the Brave, Battle Standard Bearer
Durthu the Treeman
Wychwethyl the Wild, Wardancer Champion
The Dryad Drycha
Skaw the Falconer
Gruarth the Beastmaster
Sample Army
Morr's Wild Hunt (2000 points)

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