Winter Storm - 57th Pz Corps attempt to Relieve Stalingrad, Dec '42 - Chris Harding Simulations - Excellent

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This is an operational level game at Company/Battalion/Regiment-level simulating the battles between the Aksay and Myshkova rivers, from December 12 to December 23 in the attempt to relieve 6th Army at Stalingrad. The players control the 57th Panzer Korps or the 51st and 2nd Guards Armies. The game uses the Battle for Korsun system, which emphasizes planning and force balance. The German player must use his powerful forces to open a path close enough to the 6th Army to allow those forces to break out of the trap at Stalingrad.

The game comes in a Ziplock bag with a map (four A3 sections), 225 mounted counters (not die cut), rule book and play aid charts.

This copy is in Excellent condition. It is unpunched, with some very minor shelf wear. As always, the photos are of the game you will receive.