The Solomons Campaigns - William L McGee - softcover

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Amphibious Operations in the South Pacific in WWII Volume 2.

The Battle of Midway was fought 4–6 June 1942 and became the first major turning point in the Pacific war.

Two months later, beginning on 7 August 1942 and continuing to 25 November 1943, bloody battles were fought in the Solomon Islands. When they were over, these battles became known as the Solomons Campaigns – the second major turning point in the Pacific war.

Under one cover, award-winning WWII military historian William L. McGee provides a definitive account of all the Solomons campaigns:

Part I, The Southern Solomons Campaigns covers the bloody six-month struggle for Guadalcanal. The relationship between ground fighting, naval warfare, and air combat is described in detail, as first one side and then the other gains the advantage. Seven major naval engagements are recounted:

The Battle of Savo Island, 9 August 1942
The Battle of the Bloody Ridge, 12-14 September 1942
The Battle of Cape Esperance, 11-12 October 1942
The Battle for Henderson Field, 19-26 October 1942
The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26-27 October 1942
The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12-15 November 1942
The Battle of Rennell Island, 29-30 January 1943
Part II, The Central Solomons Campaigns chronicles the amphibious operations in the New Georgia Islands group, including the five separate landings at Rendova, Segi Point, Viru Harbor, Wickham Anchorage, three more significant naval battles – Battle of Kula Gulf, Battle of Kolombangar, Battle of Vella Gulf – and the occupation of Vella Lavella.

Part III, The Northern Solomons Campaigns recounts the Seizure of the Treasury Islands, the Choiseul Diversion, the Bougainville campaign, plus the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay and the Battle of Cape St. George. Finally, the many valuable lessons learned during the Solomons Campaigns are summarized, ranging from logistic support and force requirements to offshore toeholds and leapfrogging, most becoming doctrine in later Pacific campaigns.

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