Storm of Arrows - Field of Glory Late Medieval Europe At War Army Lists

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The second army supplement for the Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules miniatures wargame. This supplement covers the armies of late medieval Europe. There are 26 separate lists, each with a sample starter army and point cost chart for making your own force.

The book itself is 88 pages printed in full color with photos of miniatures and paintings from various other Osprey books used throughout.

Armies included:
- Hundred Years' War English (Continental)
- Hundred Years' War English (Britain)
- Wars of the Roses English
- Medieval Welsh
- Later Medieval Scots (Britain)
- Later Medieval Scots (Continental)
- Later Scots Isles and Highlanders
- Later Anglo-Irish
- Medieval Irish
- Medieval French
- Ordonnance French
- Free Company
- Navarrese
- Later Low Countries
- Medieval Burgundian
- Ordonnance Burgundian
- Swiss
- Later Medieval German
- Later Medieval Danish
- Later Medieval Swedish
- Condotta Italian
- Medieval Crown of Aragon
- Medieval Portugese
- Medieval Castilian
- Santa Hemandad Nueva Castilian
- Later Granadine

Fight with brave knights, stalwart men-at-arms and deadly archers in the epic battles of the late medieval era with Storm of Arrows, the Field of Glory gaming comapnion. Command noble and commoner alike as they struggle in armour, mud, and blood across the battlefields of Europe, with lance, sword, pike, and bow. Complete with organization charts for hundreds of accurately researched troop types, detailed historical overview and supporting maps and artwork, this addition to the core rulebook will dramatically enhance your gameplay.

Storm of Arrows is a companion to Field of Glory, the historical miniatures tabletop wargaming rules system for ancient and medieval wargaming. To play the rules you will need a copy of Field of Glory.

This copy is in Excellent condition. Of course, the book pictured is the one you will receive.