Roma Victrix - Roman Army In Miniature - Andrea Press

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Offers the modeller an overview of Roman equipment and clothing over the course of the Empire. This detailed and highly illustrated work from Andrea Press explores in depth the development, organisation, weaponry, equipment, and armour of the Roman Army victorious, one of the most exciting periods in Roman military history, providing a visual treasure trove for all modellers interested in this period.

With 72 full colour pages explaining the many required painting techniques using both brush and airbrush, Roma Victrix is supported by over 300 step-by-step photographs showing painting figures in 30, 54 and 90mm. Also busts, horses, ethnic groups, shields, and metal effects. Diorama building including modeling and painting of natural elements such as trees, rocks, water, etc.


Excellent condition. See photos, this is the actual book, not a stock shot.