Polish 7TP Light Tank - PL050 - Flames of War

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This set has both the 7TP jw & 7TP dw turret options.

The 7TP (meaning 7-Ton, Polish—weighing in at nearly 10 tons) light tank was a locally-produced, diesel-engined version of the British Vickers E.
Like the Vickers E, the first 40 completed were armed with twin wz. 30 machinegun turrets (labelled dw from dwuwieżowy or twin turret), while the final 95 had a single turret armed with the excellent Bofors 37mm wz. 37 gun (labelled jw from jednowieżowy or single turret). The 7TP was an effective tank, but there were simply not enough of them to make a difference to the eventual outcome of the invasion. Metal and resin miniature, Flames of War brand.