Polemos Napoleonic General de Division/Marechal d'Empire - Baccus 6mm

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A publication from Baccus 6mm, primarily aimed at 6mm miniature gaming.

There was a great deal of variety in the size of Napoleonic battles. the French army that fought at Wagram was ten times the size of that which fought at Vimiero. It is a lot to ask of any single set of rules to cope with such diversity.

Polemos Napoleonic Wars is therefore produced as two sets of rules in one book. The first set, General De Division will allow the wargamer to fight battles with armies of up to corps size. The second set, Marechel de L'Empire will allow the wargamer to refight the BIG battles of the period, so he can emulate Bonaparte at Borodino, Wellington at Waterloo or Blucher at Leipzig.

The same wargames figures may be used in both sets of rules, as the basing system is universal; only the nominal scale will differ.

Polemos : Napoleonic Wars is aimed at enabling the wargamer to fight large scale actions; actual battles, rather than small scale skirmishes. Systems for firing, melee and morale are straightforward and easy to learn, but allow your troops to emulate the tactics used by their historical counterparts.

This copy is in Excellent condition. Please note that this is a single volume rulebook. As always the book pictured is the one you will receive.