Polemos Napoleonic Companion - Chris Grice - Baccus 6mm

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A publication from Baccus 6mm, primarily aimed at 6mm miniature gaming.

The Polemos Napoleonic Companion is the perfect partner to the main rules booklet. It provides the opportunity to expand the range of actions and armies outlined in the rules by providing more scenarios and army generators. There is also a section on extending the available action by playing campaigns, complete with a sample campaign scenario and map.

Chris Grice has also added a really useful section with the 'Jargon Buster' which sets out to explain in plain language all those awkward, confusing and impenetrable terms that crop up. It may well be fine for a wargamer who has been playing Napoleonics for the past half century to talk about 'Cacadores', 'Depot Battalions' and 'Carabiniers', but it can be both confusing and off-putting to the newcomer. The final section of the Companion gives you a listing of the composition of the armed forces of all the major nations and most of the minor ones of the wars. This can be really useful for planning new armies and projects.

This copy is in Excellent condition. As always the book pictured is the one you will receive.