Operation Unthinkable - Churchill's WWIII - Ty Bomba

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Operation Unthinkable, designed by Ty Bomba, allows one or two players to explore the possible outcomes inherent in the campaign that would’ve resulted had Winston Churchill’s plan for starting World War III in July 1945 been put into effect. For that to have happened, two changes in the timeline need have taken place during the first half of that year.

First, Churchill would’ve had to put off the British general election until after Japan was defeated. He had the political leverage to do that, but against all good advice he chose not to do so. He mistakenly believed the recent victory over Nazi Germany was enough to sustain his coalition government in power.

Second, he would have had to convince US President Harry Truman, then only recently come into office after the death of FDR, that preemptive war against the Soviets was the best choice among a limited number of strategic options.

Each hex on the map represents eight miles (13 km) from side to opposite side. Each full game turn represents one week. Each unit of maneuver represents a corps or army. There are 192 medium-size (9/16”) units. Complexity is low-intermediate, and a game can be completed in under four hours. The system is solitaire friendly.

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