Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VII Issue 4

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Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VII Issue 4

Fought on July 4, 1187, Saladin’s victory over King Guy of Lusignan paved the way for the reconquest of Jerusalem.

Theme: The Battle of Hattin

William J. Purkis, 'The sign of the cross on his forehead - Did Crusaders get tattoos?'
William E. Welsh, 'The rise of the Ayyubids - Saladin's apprenticeship in Egypt'.
Andrew Latham, 'The geopolitics of the medieval Middle East - Was it just Crusade and Jihad?'.
Erich B. Anderson, 'Victory before the fall - The Siege of Kerak'.
Robert C.L. Holmes, 'Ayyubid military organization under Saladin - Family, finance, and faith'.
John France, '"Give the lie to the Devil" - The Battle of Hattin'.
John Hosler, 'The consequences of poor strategy - Saladin's post-Hattin malaise'.
Kay Smith and Ruth Brown, '"Millions of meandering lines" - Of swords, steel, and Saladin'.
Michael S. Fulton, 'The wedge between Egypt and Syria - The Crusader castle of Montreal'.
Rosie Weetch, 'The museum of the Order of St John, London - Bearers of the Cross'.
Steven Isaac, 'A pirate-monk in the English Channel - The Battle of Sandwich'.
Patrick Eickman, 'Miracles, visions, and St. Barbara's head - Teutonic Knights and PTSD'.
Murray Dahm, 'An invisible clash - The Battle of Hattin on film'.

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