Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VI Issue 3

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Medieval Warfare Magazine Volume VI Issue 3

The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars are retold in this issue. It is the story of two powerful empires aiming to take control of the Middle East. Their growing rivalry would lead to the Battle of Nineveh in the year 627. Read also about the Strategikon - a Byzantine military handbook - and the remarkable insights it has into the waging of warfare.

Theme: The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars

William E. Welsh, 'The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars - Bitter rivals'.
Murray Dahm, 'The Strategikon and the Sassanids - Learning from the enemy'.
Nadeem Ahmad, 'Arms and armour of Sasanian Iran - Arming the knights of the Shahs'.
Haggai Olshanetsky, 'Justinian's army at war - Fields of Byzantium'.
Daan Nijssen, 'Historical background of the 602-628 war - What inspired Khosrow?'
Sidney E. Dean, 'Battle of Nineveh, 12 December AD 627 - Byzantium's Pyrrhic victory'.

Owen Rees, 'Comparing archers of Japan and Britain - Draw of the bow'.
Artis Aboltins & Santa Jansone, 'Crusades in the East Baltic region - Bishops in Livonia'.
Ross Cowan, 'The Battle of Loch Lochy, AD 1544 - More like lions than men'.
Murray Dahm, 'Medieval warfare in film - King Arthur II'.

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